--- On Mon, 11/23/09, Adrian Basford wrote:

From: Adrian Basford
Subject: Event Cancellation
To: "Dennis EscobarChicago"
Date: Monday, November 23, 2009, 8:25 AM


I spoke to Craig last night about the show in Chicago. I explained I have received no deposit, no flights, or hotel information with 5 days until the event. We have never had a promoter not bother to get our booking information sorted out so near to a show. I have been very understanding and patient with this event and corresponding with you consistently.

Because of this precarious situation and the fact you are already in breach of your contractual obligations with us. We are not going to be part of said booking.

You did not get the flights purchased by 11/9/09 as listed in the contract, or take care of any other integral parts of this agreement. So we are giving you until 5 pm (central time) today to have all flights, hotel and deposit to us.

You have had over 3 weeks to take care of this Dennis and we have not seen any effort on your part. Thanksgiving weekend is busy enough for both of us working full time and having families, we don't need to be dealing with this type of unprofessional conduct.

We both feel that a promoter who does not bother to promote or organize his event well is not someone we want to represent. I'm sorry but situation was created by you and you are singularly responsible for it. We would rather pull out now before you spend money on bringing us out, we can do another more organized event in the future.

Regards, Adrian

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