-------------------------------- On Thu, 11/26/09, Adrian Basford wrote:
Cancellation Due to Non Payment.
From: Adrian Basford (mcadb@hotmail.com)
Sent: Thu 11/26/09 9:00 AM
To: Dennis EscobarChicago (descobar1978@yahoo.com)

Just woke up and saw your sent me a text at 10 pm on Thanksgiving Eve concerning payment. I'm sorry but you left it way too late. I am out of town at my wife's parents for Thanksgiving, I checked my paypal account and there's no activity of payment. At this point due to non payment there is no way Spree and I will be risking ourselves at your event.

Dennis you had over 3.5 weeks since I initially sent you the contract and outlined our meager requests. All you had to do is sent a deposit and a print the contract.

Spree and I have never been put in this position before, as listed below in your message Wednesday was the deadline day and it has passed.

There is nothing further to discuss concerning this topic.

Cheers, Adrian

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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:59:59 -0800
From: descobar1978@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: new hotel
To: mcadb@hotmail.com

Deposit will be sent out via paypal Wednesday afternoon if you don't have it by then you are more then welcome to cancel on the show. But now you have contract,hotel and flights.

Thank you

Dennis Escobar
Market Manager

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