Adrian D Basford

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Lincoln NE 68506

Phone: (402) 730 7355



Formal and Binding Agreement



An AGREEMENT made on:




___Dennis Escobar____

(Hereinafter called “the Management)




Craig Paulnock & Adrian Basford

(Hereinafter called “the Artiste”)


WITNESS that the Management hereby engages the Artiste and the Artiste accepts an engagement to be present:




as known in usual entertainment as a DJ/MC in accordance with the following schedule


Date: Saturday November 28th, 2009



Production Company Name: _____Source Pro



Contacts Phone Number: ____312.731.4822



Venue: ________Source compound



Set Time: ______________prime time 12 to 1



Set Length: _______1



Total Booking Fees:       $XXX

Total Deposit Fees:         $XXX

Other Requirements:      The attached terms and conditions form an integral part of this agreement.




Management Signed: ____Dennis Escobar           Date: _11/15



Artiste Signed: ___________________________________________ Date: _______________



Terms and Agreement


The Management shall return this agreement, with the bold fields filled in, to the Artiste no more than 5 days after the date signed by the Artiste.  Should the Management wish to enter the agreement after the 5-day period, the Management must request another copy of this agreement.


The Management hereby agrees to pay 50% of the booking fee $250 to the Artiste in the form of a deposit.  The other 50% of the booking fee $250 will be paid on arrival at venue prior performance in cash. The fee should be paid in US dollars.


The Management hereby agrees to provide 2 or 3 Technics SL 1200MK2 or similar turntables fitted with Stanton 680 or similar cartridges; A suitable Mixer with a working crossfader, adjustable EQ and gain; 1 or 2 undistorted high power monitors with an adjustable level within reach of the turntables and a first class sound system with a top quality microphone preferably wireless.


The Management hereby agrees to ensure that the Artiste shall play between 11:00pm-2:00 am.  Time slot shall be either 1-1.5 hours maximum.


The Management hereby agrees to pay all flight costs due by 11/9/09. Full detail of the flight must be faxed to the Artiste by 11/9/09.  Flights must be on Southwest Airlines.  Verify flight info before purchase with Adrian Basford 402 730 7355. 


The Management hereby agrees to provide Sprees flights leaving Minneapolis (MSP) in the evening at 5:55pm Saturday November 28th, returning (MSP) 10:35am Sunday November 29th. 


The Management hereby agrees to provide ADBs flights leaving Omaha (OMA) in the evening at 5:20pm Saturday November 28th, returning (OMA) at 10:25am Sunday December 29th.


The Management hereby agrees to provide for the Artiste a guest list of a minimum of 3 persons.


The Management hereby agrees to provide the Artiste with complementary minimum 3 star hotel accommodation with free airport shuttle (MDW) and 2 queen beds. Full detail of the hotel must be faxed to the Artiste by 11/9/09.

The hotel must be one of the following: Hilton, Marriot, Radisson, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Days Inn, or Adams Mark.  Call to verify hotel booking 402 730 7355.

The Management hereby agrees to provide for the Artiste a sober driver from any necessary collections and deliveries to and from the airport, venue and hotel.


The Management hereby agrees to provide for the Artiste a meal prior to the performance at a requested eating establishment.


The Management hereby agrees that they shall not announce, advertise or in any way promote the performance until the contract has been received and the contract has been returned, duly signed and received by the Artiste.


The Management agrees to mail at least 50 copies of event promotional material (flyers) to the Artiste at least 7 days prior to the performance.


The Management agrees inform the Artiste the time that the Artiste shall perform at least 10 days prior to the performance.


The Artiste agrees to perform to the best of his ability, in a clear state of mind, free of alcohol or drugs

Should any breach in contract occur by the promoter, the entire fee must be paid as penalty, in full.

In the event of the Artiste being unable to perform through illness or accident, the Management will be notified as soon as practicable. In such a case, the Artiste will provide the Management with a medical certificate as soon as possible setting out the nature of the illness or injury. The Artiste undertake that at the time of the signing this agreement that he is in good health and have no illness, impediment or knowledge of any other health problems with might preclude him from fulfilling this engagement. Deposits will be refunded or set against another booking.


Neither party shall be liable to perform its obligations under this agreement if such failure is caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of that party.


In the event that the Management should claim that the agreement has been breached or not fulfilled by the Artiste in any way, regardless of the nature of the breach or dispute, the amount claimed by the management from the Artiste including any and all damages that shall be limited to a maximum amount not in excess of the fees payable on this agreement.


No modification of any provision of this agreement shall be binding upon the parties unless made in writing and signed on behalf of each of the parties.