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To: "Dennis EscobarChicago" , "Adrian Basford"
Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 8:45 AM


Really sorry about the delay mate. Craig was just really concerned about the short time for promotion. He just does not do many shows these days due to his very busy work schedule. He normally only takes a few bookings a year for larger events. That being said we had a chat and we are more than happy to work with you. We know your a good promoter, been around a long time, and most importantly your professional.

Here's how the booking will need to go.

1. I've
attached the contract which you will just need to print, sign, and send back to me.
2. You will need to send us a deposit of $250 to guarantee the booking.
3. Purchase flights on Southwest Airlines as listed exactly below. The hotel room and flights must be purchased within the next 5 days maximum. 1 room 2 queen beds at the Midway airport with a free shutttle.

Pretty painless stuff man. It's just very important that we get the deposit, flights, and hotel room purchased ASAP :)

On the night we will need someone to pick us up sober and take us for a quick bit of dinner. Nothing too fancy maybe just Applebee's so we can have a bit of dinner and a drink. We are not high maintenance guys and really are stoked to be working with you Dennis! Just please do the 3 steps above and it will be sound as a pound mate.


Spree (Full Name: Craig Paulnock)
Depart Nov 28
Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL
Saturday, November 28, 2009
Travel Time 1 h 20 m
#5379 Depart Minneapolis/St. Paul (Humphrey), MN (MSP) 5:55 PM
Arrive in Chicago (Midway), IL (MDW) 7:15 PM

Return Nov 29
Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, November 29, 2009
Travel Time 1 h 25 m
#2134 Depart Chicago (Midway), IL (MDW) 10:35 AM
Arrive in Minneapolis/St. Paul (Humphrey), MN (MSP) 12:00 PM

ADB Flights (Adrian Basford):

Air Itinerary
Depart Nov 28
Omaha, NE to Chicago, IL
Saturday, November 28, 2009
Travel Time 1 h 25 m
#850 Depart Omaha, NE (OMA) 5:20 PM
Arrive in Chicago (Midway), IL (MDW) 6:45 PM

Return Nov 29
Chicago, IL to Omaha, NE
Sunday, November 29, 2009
Travel Time 1 h 30 m
#1258 Depart Chicago (Midway), IL (MDW) 10:25 AM
Arrive in Omaha, NE (OMA) 11:55 AM

Needs to be at Chicago Midway Airport with free shuttle. I found the following on http://www.orbitz.com

6624 S CICERO AVENUE,Chicago, IL 60638 1 Miles South of MDW

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites CHICAGO-MIDWAY AIRPORT
6500 SOUTH CICERO AVE,Chicago, IL 60638 0.9 Miles South of MDW

Both are only $120 for the night, please book under my name Adrian Basford and e-mail me the confirmation number.

Cheers, Adrian

Flyer Info:

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