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Ryan Pfeiffer

MC ADB, AKA Adrian Basford, is an English old school raver stuck in the corn. Currently hiding in Lincoln NE, You have probably seen ADB flying up and down the stage at an event somewhere in the midwest. Between his lyrical mastery and his energetic performances, he always finds time to enjoy what gives him inspiration entertaining a crowd.

Adrian was born in Exeter Devon England. His parents still live in Exmouth, Devon, and they recall Adrian's love affair with dance music. "From the tender age of 8 you could find Adrian and his little friends breakdancing on pieces of kitchen floor vinyl and listening to original Hip-Hop Electro tapes of the day."

Then, at age 15, Adrian received his first taste of what was going to change his life, a live recorded mix tape from Fantazia at Castle Donnington 92-93 NYE with DJ Slipmatt, DJ FoodJunkie, and MC Chickaboo. Between the intoxicating rhythms and the raw energy of the MC he was hooked. Adrian always longed to be at the events, but for 5 years he was incarcerated in boarding school.

ADB appeared on the MIC for his first time on the New Years Eve, 1998-1999 in Omaha NE. Whilst battling to get on the stage as DJ Kaoss dropped his Jungle beats, he knew he had started something great. Finding more of a rush off the crowd then from any synthetic drug, soon he was addicted. Getting his first actual chance to MC in front of a large crowd in Omaha, NE, on Jan 1999, at an event named Plur 99, in-front of 1500 kids MC ADB and DJ Spree collaborated for the first time. What more needs to be said? This was the start of things to come, the kids went mental and hardcore exploded for the first time in the Midwest!

Now days MC ADB has found a steady increase in bookings and is looking to expand his lyrical bounds from coast to coast. Having MC'ed all massive shows including Electric Daisy Carnvial in LA, Slammin Vinyl UK, and loads of other large scale events.

MC ADB and DJ Spree are also Sponsored by Esdjco clothing go check out their clothing and wicked website.
He has lyrically assisted DJ Brisk(UK), Scott Brown(UK), Force & Styles (UK),DJ Robbie Long(UK), DJ Devestate(UK), Dj Hixxy(UK), TechItch & Decoder(UK), DJ Stompy (UK), DJ Spree(US), DJ Simon Apex(US), DJ Cloudskipper(US), DJ Phil Free-Art(US), DJ Muppetfucker(US), DJ Kaoss(US) and DJ Casper(US).

MC ADB has found an increasing demand for Drum&Bass and has now united to double-act with DJ Kaoss.

To book ADB, DJ Spree, and DJ Kaoss send an email to or leave a message 402 730 7355

Not only does ADB MC for the crew but he takes bookings for DJ SPREE and DJ KAOSS. But, dont hesitate to contact him about anyone in the crew!

Adrian wants to give shouts to all the ravers across the USA and UK, Big-ups to Simon Apex & Angela,DJ Brisk, Scott Brown, Colin aka Vinyltrixster (Slammin Vinyl), Spree, Zak C, NateFX, Nujack, Faun, Esdjco Clothing, and the rest of the people who put up with him!
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